PLT Workshops

To receive the PLT activity guides, educators must attend a professional development workshop. The materials are not for sale. During a PLT workshop workshop, participants will:

  • Participate in hands-on PLT activities, both indoors and out
  • Expand knowledge our natural and built environments, and our human connections to natural resources
  • Enhance teaching skills
  • Plan ways to use PLT activities to accomplish curricular goals
  • Receive PLT activity guide free of charge
  • Obtain teacher renewal (CEUs), NC EE Certification, or SAF Credits

PLT workshops are open for any educators, and many of the activities can easily be modified for any age group. PLT workshops and the materials are also great for those involved with youth groups, scouting, homeschool educators, and parents! Others attending your PLT workshop may include state park rangers, local teachers, 4-H agents and volunteer leaders, forest rangers, YMCA educators, homeschool parents, and natural resource professionals.

To register for any of the workshops listed in the calendar, please email or call the contact person. Pre-registration and a commitment to attend is required for all workshops. Unless stated, all workshops are provided free of charge.

Want to set up a workshop specifically for your group?  Contact the NC PLT coordinator, Renee Strnad.  Groups must provide a minimum of 10 participants.  No fee.

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