Three New Fact Sheets About Biomass Released

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NCSU Extension Forestry, in conjunction with Southern Regional Extension Forestry, has created three new fact sheets about biomass. The three fact sheets introduce the reader to technologies for the use of biomass feedstocks, different characteristics of biomass feedstocks, and how policies and regulations have been influential in driving biomass markets.

Helene Cser, with North Carolina State University’s Extension Forestry, was the lead author on the fact sheets. “The factsheets were created to help the public better understand the complexities involved with biomass energy as it is not as well known as solar or wind.” Cser goes on to state that the factsheets “cover polices since the 1970s that have supported the use of biomass as a renewable energy resource and the typical feedstocks and technologies that are used to produce heat, electricity, products, or fuel.”  The factsheets also cover biomass feedstocks and technologies that are under research. “We hope that the public will have a greater understanding of biomass as renewable energy source and how this industry creates rural jobs, reduces greenhouse gases, enables energy security, and creates new markets for products that were once considered a waste, ” Cser concluded.

The fact sheets, and additional information about biomass, are available for downloading at The fact sheets were developed under the Southeastern Partnership for integrated Biomass Supply Systems (IBSS) project, which is supported by the USDA.