North Carolina Hardwood Timber Prices Are Down, Pine Timber Prices Are Up

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Hardwood standing timber prices are down in all categories from a year ago with the largest drop occurring in hardwood pulpwood prices. Hardwood pulpwood prices have dropped almost 18 percent since fourth quarter 2015. Pine prices are just the opposite of what is being seen with hardwood prices. Pine pulpwood prices for standing timber is up 26 percent from a year ago, fourth quarter 2015. These differences in prices are being driven by a combination of market conditions and the extreme weather impact on markets. In fourth quarter 2016 North Carolina saw both Hurricane Mathew and worsening drought conditions depending on which end of the state you were on. Fourth quarter prices typically trend upward due to wet weather conditions impacting logging, but this has not been a typical weather pattern for North Carolina fourth quarter of the year. To check out the fourth quarter prices for North Carolina Standing timber visit