Hardwood Pulpwood Stumpage Prices Drop Significantly From a Year Ago!

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percent change graphEastern North Carolina has seen some significant stumpage price changes since the fourth quarter of 2016. Major drops in prices, 11%, 15% and 32% have occurred in pine sawtimber, mixed hardwood sawtimber and hardwood pulpwood respectively. There was also a slight decrease in pine pulpwood prices at 3% compared to fourth quarter 2016. Eastern North Carolina did experience a 14% increase in pine ply log stumpage prices and 5% increase in pine pulpwood price compared to a year ago. Western North Carolina prices have fared much better than the eastern region of North Carolina. Stumpage prices were up in all product classes except hardwood pulpwood which saw a 7% drop in prices. Stumpage prices for pine pulpwood, pine chip-n-saw, pine sawtimber, pine ply logs, mixed hardwood sawtimber, and oak sawtimber increased anywhere from 4% to 20%. To check out the fourth quarter prices for North Carolina Standing timber visit https://forestry.ces.ncsu.edu/forestry-price-data/