Woodland Stewardship Course Offered as Distance Education

— Written By Kelley McCarter
This distance education course runs from August 22 through December 7, 2018. The course is designed for those who do not have a degree in forestry. Registration deadline: August 20, 2018.
The course provides an introduction and overview of non-industrial private forestry in the Southeast United States with emphasis on active forest management. Topics include history of human impact on forests, evolution of forest, forestry practices, timber and non-timber management objectives, financial aspects of forest land management, and management planning.
The course is offered through the NC State University non-degree studies program (NDS) administered by the Department of Registration and Records. Completing the course will provide academic credits but does not require students to be enrolled in a degree program. More details on the course, number FOR620-601, can be found on the Woodland Stewardship Course Description page. Feel free to call or email the instructors to learn more:
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