Hardwood Pulpwood Prices Continue to Move Upward in North Carolina

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In the fourth quarter of 2019, movements in timber prices in North Carolina were mixed. While both pine and hardwood pulpwood prices increased more than 10% compared to the last quarter, hardwood sawtimber and pine chip-n-saw prices trended downward in 2019 Q4. Both pine sawtimber and pulpwood prices were above 10% higher than the Southwide averages. Similarly, hardwood pulpwood prices continued to climb up substantially in Eastern North Carolina.

According to TimberMart-South, in the fourth quarter of 2019, the average pine sawtimber prices were $27.6 per ton, up about 1% from last quarter and up 13% from the price a year ago. It was about 15% above the south-wide average pine sawtimber prices of $23.9 per ton. Similarly, statewide average pine chip-n-saw prices were $15.9 per ton, down 4% from last quarter and down 13% from 2018 Q4.

While it was still down 5% from the price a year ago, the statewide pine pulpwood prices moved up 10% this quarter. The pine pulpwood prices in Eastern North Carolina bounced back about 19% to an average of $11.8 per ton compared to the last quarter, but still done 10% from 2018 Q4.Price change chart image

The statewide hardwood sawtimber prices averaged at $24.9 per ton in this quarter, down 4.8% from last quarter. It was about 25% less than the Southwide average of hardwood sawtimber prices. However, hardwood pulpwood prices were trended upward to the state-wide average of $6.2 per ton, up 12% from the last quarter, and up 28% from the price a year ago. Hardwood pulpwood prices in North Carolina were averaged at $6.3 per ton, up about 24% from the last quarter and up 80% from 2018 Q4. For more information on the 2019 fourth quarter stumpage prices in North Carolina, please visit: Forestry Price Data.