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OfflineEventAttendanceMode 3 days away
Jun 17 Thu
OfflineEventAttendanceMode 1 week away
Jun 23 Wed
OfflineEventAttendanceMode 1 week away
Jun 24 Thu
OfflineEventAttendanceMode The Hub Farm, 117 Milton Rd, Durham, NC 27712, USA The Hub Farm, 117 Milton Rd, Durham, NC 27712, USA Extension Forestry 2 weeks away
Jun 25 Fri
OfflineEventAttendanceMode 3 weeks away
Jul 8 Thu
OfflineEventAttendanceMode 1 month away
Jul 20 Tue
OfflineEventAttendanceMode 1 month away
Jul 22 Thu
OfflineEventAttendanceMode 4 months away
Oct 23 Sat

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Be a SPARK in the community. Businesses and cultural centers are vital to vibrant communities and as they recover we all have a role to play. SPARK stands for show Support, be Patience, Act with Respect and Spread Kindness. Show support by making a purchase or donation, like or follow in social media, and/or post a picture/video from visit to social media. Be patienct by preparing for longer waits, checking times and hours before visiting, and being flexible. Act with respect by following regulations of the location, being considerate of other patrons and living and let live. And spread kindness by remembering gratitude, letting people know when they do a great job and enjoying your outing! This campaign is provided by NC State Extension, Tourism Extension, the College of Natural Resources, the Mountain West Partnership and the CREATE Bridges project.

We Can All Be a SPARK!

This summer, travel is expected to have a significant rebound. Increased vaccination rates and associated declining numbers of COVID-19 …

callery pear tree blooming in forest edge

Callery Pear - Please Beware!

As the temperature warms up and the days get longer in March, many of you have probably seen the …

Cover photo for NC Arbor Day - March 19, 2021

NC Arbor Day - March 19, 2021

North Carolina’s Arbor Day is just around the corner! Learn more about NC Arbor Day and celebrate with us! What …

Cover photo for Winter Safety Recommendations

Winter Safety Recommendations

Recent winter storms, ice, and freezing rain can impact healthy trees and forested areas, damaging or downing trees. The …