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Prescribed Fire

Prescribed fire is a forest management tool utilized throughout the Southeast. To learn more about fire and its role in managing forest review the following resources or complete the online training course.


Select the publication you want to read. Many of the publications are in pdf file format and are available free for downloading. A free pdf reader can be downloaded from Adobe.


enroll_buttonIntroduction to Southeastern Prescribed Fire:  This online training course has been developed to introduce participants to prescribed burning in Southeastern ecosystems. At the conclusion of the course, participants will have a working knowledge of fire terminology, fire law, fire prescriptions, firebreaks, smoke management and a basic understanding how to conduct a prescribed burn. The course is not intended to take the place of state Certification courses, workshops, or experience in the field; but rather to give participants a basic understanding of the principles of prescribed fire and fire effects. To enroll in this course, please visit, create a free account, and search Southeastern Prescribed Fire.


Southeast Prescribed Fire Update blogsubscribe_button The blog provides landowners, consultants, agencies, academia, and the prescribed fire community with current training opportunities, press releases, event happenings, information and educational materials pertinent to prescribed burning in the Southeastern United States.

Workshops and Outreach

Visit_buttonWorkshops and Outreach:  This is the website for the “Prescribed Burning on Private Lands” workshops and outreach events in association with NC State University Extension Forestry. This website is dedicated to ongoing efforts to educate private landowners, land managers and the public about prescribed burning as part of sustainable forestland management. The content of these events has been developed by a team of practitioners from multiple entities.

A portion of this work is funded through a grant from the U.S. Forest Service to assist in fulfilling the Southeast Partnership for Planning and Sustainability’s (SERPPAS) goal of implementing a comprehensive, regional strategy to increase prescribed burning in the Southeast. Please come back to visit.