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NC State Extension

Forest Health

Managing for forest health focuses on reducing the risk associated with biotic pests (insects and disease) and abiotic issues (wildfire, drought, more). Sound forest management can help you achieve a healthy, sustainable forest.

Invasive Pest Range Maps

Forest pest range maps help forest resource managers understand threats to their forests and make better management decisions. The following maps are georeferenced and can be opened in compatible apps (e.g., Avenza Maps).

NC State Extension Videos


These publications provide information that can help you in managing a healthy forest. Some of the publications are in pdf format and are available free for downloading. A free pdf reader can be downloaded from Adobe.

Extension Programs

  • Poolside Pests is a program that aims to increase public awareness and citizen reporting of invasive species. When new pests are detected quickly, eradication efforts are more successful and our forests stay healthier.