Significant Price Changes in Third Quarter Standing Timber.

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Graph of North Carolina third quarter 2016 pulpwood pricesNorth Carolina markets are not what we traditionally see in the South. For the South pine prices for the major products tend to decrease in the 3rd quarter, but in the 3rd quarter of 2016 North Carolina landowners saw a significant increase in pine pulpwood prices,  up over 15%, followed by chip-n-saw by 5%. Pine sawtimber was relatively unchanged from the previous quarter with a less then 1% decrease. For hardwood prices the South tends to see an increase in prices during the 3rd quarter, just the opposite of the pine prices. This increase in prices held true in North Carolina for oak sawtimber, seeing almost a 5% price increase. This was not the case for mixed hardwood sawtimber, with a less than 1% decrease in price over the previous quarter or hardwood pulpwood, whose price dropped over 14% since the previous quarter. To see more about the 3rd quarter prices for standing timber review North Carolina Standing Timber Price Report for the 3rd quarter of 2016.