New Wood Products Extension Specialist

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Dr. Frederik Laleicke, NCSU Wood Products Extension

Dr. Frederik Laleicke is  the new Assistant Professor and Wood Products Extension Specialist in the Department of Forest Biomaterials at NC State University. Frederik is very enthusiastic about forest products, and working with the industry and academia, to advance the use of wood in North Carolina. Originally from Germany, Frederik studied at the University of Hamburg, before joining Oregon State University for a graduate degree program in 2012.

 After graduating in 2015, Frederik remained at OSU for two more years to pursue a series of different research projects for the Fraunhofer WKI, the leading research institution for forest products in Germany. With strong backgrounds in wood physics, composite science and sustainability, he has been able to work in different areas, such as cross laminated timber, wood recycling, and non-destructive testing and evaluation. Identifying and solving problems has been a welcome challenge for more than 10 years in this field. Frederik is looking forward to expanding his network in North Carolina and assisting the forest products sector in being successful. Dr. Laleicke can be reached at  contact number is 919 513-7368.