Protecting Your Forestland Asset: The NC Landowner Protection Act

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What is the NC Landowner Protection Act? The NC Landowner Protection Act (passed in 2011), does not change general trespass laws nor have any effect on lands which are not posted; the Act strengthens existing trespass law on private property by clarifying these elements:

Example of how to post their protery as permission needed with purple paint on trees.

A new way for landholders to post their property is with purple paint. The landholder can paint a vertical line of purple paint on trees or posts around property
boundary, or areas intended to prohibit trespass.

  1. Defines the requirements pertaining to written permission to hunt, fish, or trap on posted lands such that:
    a. the written permission must be dated within the last twelve (12) months;
    b. be signed by the landowner, lessee, or agent of that land; and,
    c. the written consent must be carried in-person by the visitor while onsite and provided upon request of any law enforcement officer.
  2. Allows wildlife officers to enforce trespass laws onsite.
  3. Allows landowners to post land using purple paint marks and/or by posting no-trespassing signs as currently allowed.

For more specific information about the NC Landowner Protection Act, including how to post purple paint marks on private lands, to obtain a Landowner Protection Act FAQ, and view samples of permission letters, please visit the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.