Timber Industry in North Carolina Contributed Over $915 Million in 2017

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Image of loggingNorth Carolina has about 18.1 million acres of timberland, which supports a vibrant forest product industry throughout the state. Timberland is the main land use type covering 58% of the total land in the state. In 2017, the total stumpage value of timber harvest, the value that landowners received for their standing timber, was about $466.5 million, remained flat from 2016. Moreover, the total value that mills paid (i.e., the delivered value) was about $915 million, up 1.3% from 2016. Beaufort from Northeast, Craven from Southeast, and Bladen from Southcentral were the top three counties in terms of the 2017 delivered values, respectively. For county-wise stumpage and delivered values of timber harvests, visit 2017 Timber Income Data.