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Description: Woods for Wildlife: Forest Management in Wetlands and Conservation Status Focusing on Rare and Endangered Species

What does endangered mean? How about threatened? Are those different? What do I have to do? This webinar will describe the Endangered Species Act and define terminology for the categories of rarity and the general regulations for each. By participating in this webinar you will learn the rare species that occur in the 14-county NC Woods for Wildlife focal area. You will also become familiar with your responsibilities for those species, but more importantly your opportunities to benefit them. 

Participants will also have the opportunity to put what they learn into context with a presentation focused on forest management with isolated wetlands, their ecology, and their broader connection with at risk wildlife like the Gopher Frog. Isolated wetlands are wetlands that are not directly connected to other water sources by creeks and streams. In the Southeast, isolated wetlands naturally occur as vernal pools, Carolina bays, clay-based depressions, and limesinks. The Gopher Frog is a rare species unique to the southeast that relies on isolated wetlands for its survival. The Gopher Frog’s ecology highlights the plight of isolated wetlands on the southeastern landscape and why they are important for biodiversity.

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October 15, 2020   1:00 pm US/Eastern

Length: 01:30 (hh:mm)

Pre-registration not required.


  • John Ann Shearer, Partners for Fish and Wildlife Coordinator for North Carolina, US Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Nathan Shepard, Eastern Regional Biologist, Natural Heritage Program, North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources

Continuing Education Credits/Units:

  • The Wildlife Society (TWS) - 1.5 hours TWS Category 1 Credit
  • Georgia Master Timber Harvester - Continuing Logger Ed. (GaMTH CLE) - 1 hour CLE - MTH Category B Credit
  • New York Logger Training - Trained Logger Certification (NYLT-TLC) - .25 hour NYLT TLC Credit
  • Society of American Foresters - Certified Forester Education (SAF-CFE) - 1 hour Category 1 Credit
Oct 15 Thu