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NC State Extension

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Description: This workshop will feature presentations on various topics of forest health by speakers from NC State Extension Forestry, US Forest Service, and NCDA&CS Plant Industry Division. Topics include invasive species, bark beetles, and forest health issues specific to the mountains and piedmont areas of NC. 

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9:00 am – Spotted lanternfly & gypsy moth (Whitney Swink & Allison Ballantyne, NCDA&CS Plant Industry Division)
9:30 am – It’s an Invasion! Invasive species update (Kelly Oten, NCSU Extension)
10:30 am – Pine Bark Beetles - Identification, Biology, management (Paul Merten, USFS)
11:00 am - Conifer pests: Christmas tree pests & hemlock woolly adelgid (Jill Sidebottom, NCSU Extension)
11:30 am - Western forest disease issues (Ryan Blaedow, USFS)
12:00 pm - Adjourn

Continuing Education Credits:
Society of American Foresters - Certified Forester Education (SAF-CFE) - 3 hour Category 1 Credit
NC pesticide credits - NC pesticide credits: 3 hours Cat. D, G, N, X; 1 hour Cat. I

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Feb 18 Thu