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Description: What are Forestry Economic Contribution Reports? Making Sense of the Terms and Numbers in Economic Contribution Reports
Economic contribution reports vary widely in the scope of the forest sector, IMPLAN modeling, results presentation and interpretation. This webinar covers practical guidelines for report users to better understand the terms and numbers in those reports, so that they can communicate the economic importance of the forest sector to their clienteles. Specifically, we will discuss the terminology of input-output modeling, aspects of IMPLAN software and modeling, and interpretation of numbers in the reports.

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Dec 17, 2019 1:00 pm US/Eastern

Length: 01:00 (hh:mm)

Pre-registration not required.

Dr. Rajan Parajuli: Dr. Rajan Parajuli is an Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist in forest economics with Forestry Extension at NC State University. He received his Ph.D. in forest economics and policy, an M.S. in forest economics and management, and another M.S. in finance from Louisiana State University. Dr. Parajuli specializes in economic impact and contribution analysis, forest product market modeling, alternative income streams (payment for ecosystem services), and timberland valuation. He has several years of working experience in economic contribution and impact analyses of forest and other natural resource industries using IMPLAN modeling.
Dr. Shaun Tanger: Dr. Tanger is Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist at the Coastal Research and Extension Center at Mississippi State University. He received his BS in Wildlife Management from Auburn University and Masters and PhD degrees from Auburn University in Forestry. Dr. Tanger has worked with IMPLAN’s database and software systems since 2014. He has worked to document the forest economy’s contributions in Louisiana and across the Southeast and published several peer reviewed articles applying input-output modeling to the forestry sector.

Dr. Eric McConnell: Dr. Eric McConnell is an Assistant Professor in the School of Agricultural Sciences and Forestry at Louisiana Tech University, where he researches the economics and business management of forest operations and industry. He received his BS in Forest Management from Louisiana Tech University and Masters and PhD degrees from Mississippi State University in Forest Products and Forest Resources respectively.

Society of American Foresters - Certified Forester Education (SAF-CFE) - 1 hour Category 1 Credit Approved.
Dec 17 2019