Mass Timber Products: Innovative Wood-Based Building Materials

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Mass timber products, also known as wood-based engineered construction materials, are becoming more widespread in the design and construction industry. This building material has been used in many residential and non-residential buildings in Europe and is currently gaining more attention in the United States.

This booklet provides information on why mass timber products should be considered, listing benefits that range from environmental to social benefits. You’ll learn more about the variety of mass timber products available, including cross-laminated timber (CLT) which is one of the more popular. The current market status and future prospects of mass timber products are addressed, along with some key challenges that the industry may face in North Carolina. Check out this publication and more from NC State Extension Forestry on our Publications page. 

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Contributing Extension Specialists:
Dr. Rajan Parajuli, Extension Forestry Specialist, Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources
Dr. Frederik Laleicke, Wood Products Extension Specialist, Department of Forest Biomaterials