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This page contains forms and information for Project Learning Tree facilitators in North Carolina. Have additional resources you would like to add, or resources you need? Please let us know!

NC PLT Coordinator NC PLT Co-Coordinator
Renee Strnad Carrie Harmon
NC State University NC Forest Service
919-515-5518 910-588-4161

NC PLT 2016 Summary
Let Renee know if you would like more specific information because she probably has it! Want to compare? Past Years: 2015  2014

Requirements of an NC PLT Facilitator
Please read this document if you are a current facilitator or interested in becoming a NC PLT facilitator.

National PLT transfers to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI)
In March, 2017, the AFF Board of Trustees voted to divest from the Project Learning Tree program and seek a new national sponsor for the program. The transfer was completed in July 2017. Read the press release. Want to understand more about SFI products? Watch this short video that talks about the SFI logo and what it means.

List of current NC PLT Facilitators 
Sorted by county. Find someone near you and partner to host and facilitate a workshop! If your information is incorrect, or you know other changes need to be made, please let Renee know so she can update the database.


Form Name (version)      Format
Workshop Steps PDF
Workshop Proposal (2015)      WORD PDF
Facilitator Evaluation (2015)      WORD PDF
Participant Data (2015)      WORD PDF
Professional Development Evaluation (2015)      WORD PDF
 Homework Form (2012)      WORD PDF
How to Access Online Course with a Code PDF

Proposals submitted after March 1, 2015, will need to provide agendas that list objectives and outcomes for their workshops.  This handout will help you write objectives and outcomes for your workshop.

Need help with verbs for your measurable objectives? Check out this very helpful handout based on Bloom’s Taxonomy! You can also use Blooms’s Revised Taxonomy verbs, or process verbs from this chart which demonstrates the levels of mastery. But what a minute… what the heck is all this Bloom’s Taxonomy stuff anyways?


How is the NC PLT Program structured? The three state partners (N.C. Cooperative Extension, NC Forestry Association, and the NC Forest Service) have a signed MOU with the American Forest Foundation, which houses the national Project Learning Tree program. Our state program is run based on the NC PLT Program Guidelines, which is part of our partner MOU.

At the state level, the NC PLT program is guided by an Advisory Committee. This committee helps plan the direction for the NC PLT program, helps implement statewide initiatives, seeks funding opportunities, and helps plan facilitator training. The committee operates under a set by-laws communication policy.


Ways to Market your workshops locally:  Contact your regional DPI support team (formerly the RESAs). Send the professional development contact listed a email/flier and ask them to share with their education contacts. These groups also have annual meetings for educators, and most regions have an opportunity for EE Centers to interact with the participants during the meeting.